Emilio Cavallini Taps Into Beautiful Chaos

Can you imagine an artist weaving together vibrantly radiant spools of yarn and thread into intricate patterns?

Emilio Cavallini, who is a renowned avant-garde fashion maven, structures his artwork on a palette of geometric arrangements. Dizzying in the most exhilarating ways, his collection – featuring in a “Harmony Runs On A Threat” exhibit at GR Gallery in New York City starting Thursday Sept. 8 – demonstrates an artistic fluency. Unsparing in color and vision, viewers can treat their eyes to wonder.

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His imaginations are a beautiful ecosystem of threads: carefully constructed labyrinths. Unsurprisingly, Cavallini’s work reflects the delicate spirit illuminating his fashion creations.

He expounds on weaving elaborate designs, which speak to the synergy between chaos, organization and placement. “I was breaking down barriers, going beyond the limits of censorship,” said Cavallini about his collection, which draws energies from spatialism and constructivism.

See Cavallini’s work during the “Harmony Runs On A Threat” exhibit at GR Gallery, 255 Bowery until Oct. 9.


Beyonce And The Case For Warrior Wear On Women

Lately, I have been seeing women morphing into warriors.

Our outfits are becoming detailed uniforms: lady jackets are getting militaristic updates, our florals are exuding moody flair and our denim is getting more piled on. We are dressing with more boldness, bang and boxy designs. I gotta say that I’m feeling the fierce in fashion right now.

One of the best recent style moments was Beyonce “Formation” Super Bowl performance. Black-on-black suits, berets and boots were nods to the women of the Black Panthers, summoning up some serious and statement-making swagger. It was a fashion movement speaking to another movement in time. It was a celebration of womanhood and a clear recognition of the strength in that. It was proof that our external dressing reflects something deeper: an internal power.

I’m going to use the term that has ladies turning the fashion dial at warp speed: slay.

Simply, slay is the feeling behind the style. We can call it an attitude or a palpable state of mind. It’s that emotion when you know that you can crush anything that comes your way. It’s that action of willing yourself to be a warrior.

You realize that it is not simply the look or accessory that you wear: it is the confidence and comfort that quietly drifts off of you when you show your clothes or pieces to the world. It’s an otherworldy thing.

Here’s to the beauty of the warrior! Let’s celebrate with a few Zindigo.com accessories to that are a bit rough around the edges but smooth enough to slay your style worries.

1. Stella Valle, Faith Necklace, $75

2. Janis Savitt, Antique Silver Cube Studs, $198

3. Amy Zerner, New Moon Necklace, $295